Makhadabi GROUP OF COMPANIES was established in 2009 as the premier private enterprise in South Africa Republic. The Company has a status of Holding. The Company started from the position of goods supplier and now Makhadabi Group of Companies is a leading many-functional company owns a valuable place on the local Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Auto Dentsand Panel Beating market and provides different types of services. Choosing Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Auto Dentsand Panel Beating as a main direction of its work, Makhadabi Group of Companies obtained important achievements in such field of activity.

One of the most important company's achievements is the organization of Makhadabi ENGINEERING - a group of high-level experienced engineers provided with the latest versions of hardware & software. It gives a possibility to provide Clients with "turn-key" projects in Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Auto Dentsand Panel Beating sphere.

Due to the demonstration of high-level performance of works, including the Quality Assurance and Health, Safety, Environment aspects, Makhadabi Group of Companies has been awarded by several contracts for the implementation of Electrical Engineering,Civil Engineering, Auto Dentsand Panel Beating projects in the frame of industry Development Project. Considering Makhadabi's experience in multi-profiled construction and management background, the Company has been invited to the position of General Contractor for the provision of general project management, engineering, quality control, HSE Supervision for such a big industrial contracts.

Designers and Architects of Makhadabi Group of Companies demonstrate their adherence to unique Architecture.High professionalism of Makhadabi Group of Companies attracts the attention of well-known international companies seeking the possibility for the profitable investments in RSA. In witness of it, Makhadabi Group of Companies jointly with us RSA Companies.

Through our pursuit for excellence, we envision a world where our clients have a full appreciation of our services and the significant role it plays in the built environment as a whole. Our continuous effort to be the leaders of our kind and strive for excellence & greatness is invariable.

To be a highly competitive and foremost electrical engineering installation and design, mechanical engineering design and construction Management Firm, meeting client needs through service excellence.

Core Values
- Value Adding, Integrity & honesty, Accuracy & Commitment
- Passion & Ethical

Service Values
- Quality & Reliability
- Professionalism

- Credibility
- Consistency
- Sustainability